Music for the Week: O Holy Night

O Holy Night is my favorite Christmas song. I love music, and Christmas music lyrics are especially meaningful to me. I think the lyrics of that song are beautiful, and the added lyrics to this version of O Holy Night (Hear the Gospel Story) by Sovereign Grace only deepen the meaning and beauty of this […]

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Movie for the week: Black Beauty

abstract analog art camera

The story of Black Beauty based on the novel by Anna Sewell, has been told in book, movie and cartoon form many many times. In my opinion, this 1994 version is the best by far though. It tells the classic story, told from the horses point of view, about the life of a horse with […]

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Music for the week: A cowgirls anthem

woman riding horse

There are multiple versions recorded of this song, which is more like a poem and was written by Leonard Cohen. But in my opinion no one does it as well as Emmylou Harris, I mean I can’t think of anyone better to sing this song. The song is sung in poem form and you may […]

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