Movie for the week: Black Beauty

abstract analog art camera

The story of Black Beauty based on the novel by Anna Sewell, has been told in book, movie and cartoon form many many times. In my opinion, this 1994 version is the best by far though.

It tells the classic story, told from the horses point of view, about the life of a horse with many different owners, and a very different life with each. From a loving home with Merrylegs the pony and Ginger his chestnut friend, to cruel owners who use him to the brink of death, and several others. I love that this story conveys that a horses life is at the mercy of human hands. And those hands can look very different from a horses point of view versus a humans.

Like in this scene when he and Ginger wind up in the regal stables of Lady Wexmire. A beautiful and grand home to some, but a torturous prison from the horses point of view.

I see that disney is remaking this story in a version on disneyplus currently. TBD as to whether it’s any good, in the mean time though, trust this eighties baby that this nineties version is the best!

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