What’s your horsenality?

animal close up country countryside

Whether we equestrians want to admit it or not the horse world can be a little… “clique-ey”. We tend to group ourselves by our style and discipline of riding, or what breed we’re partial to, or what training methods we use, and can become a little judgey of those not in our groups. One area […]

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Movie for the week: Black Beauty

abstract analog art camera

The story of Black Beauty based on the novel by Anna Sewell, has been told in book, movie and cartoon form many many times. In my opinion, this 1994 version is the best by far though. It tells the classic story, told from the horses point of view, about the life of a horse with […]

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Diy tack room build

tack room diy build

Tack rooms and tack stores just make me happy. The smell of leather, the sight of neatly hanging bridles and saddles, a grooming box just waiting to shine up your pony… Our diy tack room was planned out at 10 ft x 11 ft, that size worked well because it allowed the walls to be […]

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A barn for the backyard horseman and a big oversight..

horse barn diy build

In the life of the majority of horse owners designing a barn from scratch is not very commonplace. But if it comes along in your equestrian lifetime it is an exciting opportunity. It’s also a bit daunting, there are lots of factors to consider for a space that is pretty much your second home and […]

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DIY land clearing for pasture

green tree on grass field during daytime

So in the fall of 2012 just after we got married and purchased our first home, we began creating our first home for horse and humans. When we were searching for a home we knew it needed to have a barn and space for a few horses or at least have the potential for it. […]

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